I am predominantly a painter of landscapes. In my paintings I am trying to capture a feeling of timelessness, of time gone by, to create a sense of place, even though the distant memory of that place may be fleeting. I work from photographs that I have taken of places that are important to me. Occasionally I work from an image in my head. This image, a melange of different places and memories brings about a final painting that is more abstract than others. As Gerhard Richter said :

'I can't always reach the image in my mind.. almost never, in fact.. so that the abstract image I create is not quite there, but it gets to the point where I can leave it.'

I am aware that the landscape is many years older than us and will hopefully continue to exist after we have all moved on. The staged process that I use, drawing the image in pencil, painting it several times in ink or watercolour and then painting from one of my images creates a painting that resembles the place but not exactly.

I work mainly in oil layering very thin 'washes' of paint. Some of my paintings are more detailed than others, often I produce more than one painting of the original image using blending and blurring to rub out details and create an 'almost there' ephemeral quality. In many cases the canvas shows through.

Recently I have painted a number of canvases of an old hamlet in Italy which is now largely uninhabited. The old alleyways and courtyards dating back for hundreds of years convey a wonderful sense of history.

I also have a series of layered prints where I have printed my paintings on to trace and overlaid these images over watercolours or line drawings.

Pen Ponds in the Mist
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